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Archives for January 2012

Planting new woodlands

Alexander Cowan was the first of the Cowan family to plant trees at Eastside in 1850- a mix of Scots Pine and Larch - some of which are still in evidence today on the face of the Black Hill, Cap Law and Braid Law. Trees are important to provide shelter for the sheep and wildlife. Shelter is worth half a feed is old scottish farming wisdom meaning that if you give an animal shelter, it doesn’t use so much food just to keep warm.

Now, it’s our turn and we’ve planted a lot of mixed conifer and broad leaved trees as shelter belts in the valleys and are now branching out to encompass some of the original old plantations to keep them going. So far, 42,000 trees have been planted in the last two years and we’re back where it all started, really!

New woodland planting on the Braid Law

New woodland planting on the Braid Law ↑

All photographs © Michael Rummey Photography