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Archives for December 2012

Sheep sales & tup buying

We got good prices in the August and September lamb sales for our lambs as they withstood the awful summer weather better than their low ground counterparts and were ready to sell earlier. Nearly all our male lambs are sold finished i.e. ready for the meat market which shows what good grazing there is to be had on the Pentlands!

60 lambs fit into the sheep trailer at a time and they’re shipped off to the market in Stirling (United Auctions or the Caledonian) and with 900 lambs to sell, that’s a lot of trips clocked. The remaining smaller lambs are sold “store” to lowland farmers where they will do some more growing. Most of our female lambs go to the next door farm, Spittal, to be used for breeding and introduce hardiness into their texel cross sheep.

Selecting the lambs for market

Selecting the lambs for market ↑

Credit: Michael Rummey