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The Trials and Tribulations of Tallulah.

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One morning  Tallulah, a very pretty speckled sussex hen, was observed rocking back and forth in a very agitated manner under a rhododendron bush in the garden. She was still rocking at lunchtime so the vet was called. Egg peritonitis (an inflammation due to an egg derailing into her gut instead of her oviduct) was diagnosed and a course of antibiotics prescribed accompanied by regular steaming to keep her hydrated. This was effected by standing her in a few inches of steamy water in the utility room sink (culinary equipment was avoided for obvious reasons). We were all fearful of the outcome as such a condition doesn’t usually have a good outlook.

However, 5 days later, Tallulah was decreed fit enough to be released from her sick bay and 2 days later she laid an egg! She got some meal worms to celebrate.

Tallulah carried on her egg laying with renewed vigour and then triumphed over adversity by winning first prize in the Novice handling class at the Royal Highland Show. What a hen!

Our thanks go to Jan Dixon of St. David’s Poultry Team.

Tallulah the Speckled Sussex

Tallulah the Speckled Sussex ↑

Photography by Michael Rummey

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