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Seasonal Farm

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At certain times of day at Eastside, you'd wonder if it was a sheep farm at all as there won't be a single sheep in sight! The sheep are run on an old farming system called "hefting" and they literally have the run of the place. Considering the farm area is equivalent to 2000 football pitches (1200 hectares) and each sheep has one and a half pitches to herself, it's easy for them to disappear for a while. They'll always be back at some time each day though as they enjoy the lush grazing in the fields of the valley below our farmhouse.

It's all very different from how you are probably used to seeing sheep farmed but not as chaotic as you'd think! If you’d like to find out more about Blackface sheep and hefting please read our brochure.

The hill farming year is covered and all gloriously illustrated with Michael Rummey's photography;

• Late Autumn- tupping time

• Spring- lambing

• Summer- marking and clipping

• Early Autumn- sheep sales