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Thought of the day : Taking your time

Everyday we feel lucky to live where we do. Today while looking our sheep from a hilltop I could see a two pairs of curlew soaring in the valley, hundreds of little birds hopping about the wild grasses...

Explorez les lieux d’Outlander

Culross, historic village in Fife, Scotland

La série et les livres d’Outlander ont attiré beaucoup de monde, grâce à la fois à l'histoire d'amour captivant entre claire et Jamie, mais aussi aux paysages à couper le souffle qui servent d’arrière-plan à leur voyage dans le temps. Mais saviez-vous que de nombreuses scènes mémorables de la série télé ont été tournées dans des lieux réels près d'Eastside?

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Broken Spectre

This morning we were playing hide and seek with the cloud as it rose and fell in the glens.

When the mist cleared we would grab a chance to move the binoculars over the ewes, checking each before the mist closed in again. Slowly moving through the clouds for closer inspections.

When above the cloud with the sun on my back I would be accompanied by a friendly Brocken Spectre. It was just him, me and the Pentland peaks for a while before the mist receded and we found some new born twins, up and running just a few hours old.

The Pentland Hills: Their Paths & Passes

The photograph shows the pioneering mountaineer the Reverend AE Robertson at Eastside Farm road-end in 1946.

In 1885 the Scottish Rights of Way Society first surveyed paths, negotiated with the landowners and erected the first signposts to facilitate access on most of the Pentland paths. The same year they also published the first walking guide book to the Pentlands titled : The Pentland Hills: Their Paths & Passes. Copies of the guide were presented to the Edinburgh Trades Council for distribution amongst working men ‘in order that healthful enjoyment and recreation afforded by rights of way across the hills be better known.’ Now the hills are enjoyed by many all thanks to Rev Robertson, who was a bit of a dude by all accounts, he was also the first man to climb all the Munros in Scotland!

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