Les nouvelles saisonnières, les mises à jour et les événements à propos de l'Eastside et d'Edimbourg.

A note from our family to yours: Covid 19

Just to reassure those of you coming to stay with us, we have put certain things in place so that you feel comfortable and safe during your stay in these strange times.

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2020 Where to eat, shop and what's on in and around Edinburgh

This year is going to be slightly different, but it doesn't mean you cannot taste the best restaurants in your own cottage, support some fabulous local shops and producers or see some safe socially distanced attractions.

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How we are keeping everyone safe

We’d like to take you through the changes so that you can understand what might be a bit different during your stay at Eastside, what we are now expecting you to do and what we are doing at this time.

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Shopping & attractions in Covid days


As with this entire year everything got put back as the country came to a stand still. We were closed for 3 months all cottages lay empty & the building work we had started stopped. We have started building again though, slowly and safely. Gordon, Clifford and their team have the roof on and the drains in the two new bothies. Iain drawing beautiful architectural details as we go. ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ as dad always says but we’ve made a good post lockdown start.

Explorez les lieux d’Outlander

Culross, historic village in Fife, Scotland

La série et les livres d’Outlander ont attiré beaucoup de monde, grâce à la fois à l'histoire d'amour captivant entre claire et Jamie, mais aussi aux paysages à couper le souffle qui servent d’arrière-plan à leur voyage dans le temps. Mais saviez-vous que de nombreuses scènes mémorables de la série télé ont été tournées dans des lieux réels près d'Eastside?

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