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Set within the rolling Pentland Hills of Scotland, the cottages are at the centre of Eastside Farm - a working sheep farm. They have been lovingly converted from the original 18th Century farmstead and are surrounded by the hills.

The hills are still farmed by the Cowan family as they have been for five generations. Sheep have played an important role in forming the landscape over centuries and still do today. The farm is part of the Pentland Hills Regional Park. Responsible enjoyment of this stunning landscape is encouraged and we share some of our favourite Pentland walks below.

Eastside Farm

A working Scottish sheep farm

Eastside Farm is 1230 hectares (3040 acres) in size and encompasses some of the best known hills in the Pentlands. The South Black Hill, Hare Hill, Scald Law and The Kips will be familiar to walkers and are iconic of the region. At its lowest point the farm is 262m (860 feet) above sea-level rising to 579m (1900 feet) at the top of Scald Law.

A rich & varied ecosystem

Walking through the farm, breathtaking views of the rolling hills abound. Swathes of purple heather punctuate a vibrant tapestry of wild-grass and bracken green. The fresh pasture underfoot illustrates the timeless values of traditional farming systems. Old-fashioned grasses, herbs & heather support a diverse wildlife that thrives alongside the sheep. Red grouse, peregrines, ravens, wild hares & badgers are a common sight.

Welcome to our heather-covered hills, long walks & breathtaking views.

Pentland Hill Walks - from the Cottage Door

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Pentland Peaks

Duration: 2.5 hrs aprox. Difficulty:

Hike the well worn path over the heather covered peaks of some of the best known hills in the Pentlands. With stunning views all around wait for a clear day to make the most of it.

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Heather, Waterfalls & Peregrines

Duration: 3 hours aprox. Difficulty:

Walk the most spectacular glen in the Pentlands. Experience Scottish Highland scenery in miniature with wild moorland, secluded glens, a waterfall, and scenic lochs. Complete the effect with grouse & peregrine overhead.

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Kips Summits

Duration: 1 hour Difficulty:

This is the perfect walk to blow the cobwebs away. The West & East Kips rise up behind the cottages. Their ascent can be steep in places but the views are well worth the effort. From the summits look north to the Forth and Highlands or south to Eastside and the Moorfoot Hills beyond. This is a spectacular picnic spot for a summer afternoon in the hills.

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The Farm Track from Eastside

Duration: 30mins Difficulty:

For a quick walk with the dog or an easy amble on an afternoon take a walk down the Eastside farm track. Stone walls criss-cross this farmed landscape. Pockets of woodland connect the lowland fields & the wild hill pasture. There are good views to the southern valley and Moorfoot Hills beyond.

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