Terms & Conditions

Boring but important


A contract exists between ourselves (the owners) and you (the visitor- a person of eighteen years and over who will assume responsibility for all members of your party) for a short-term holiday rental when Eastside Farm Cottages issues the letter or e-mail of confirmation on receipt of the party's deposit.


We require a deposit of one half of the rental fee to confirm the booking. The balance must then be paid one month prior to the visitor(s) arrival. For bookings made less than one month prior to the visitor(s) arrival, the rental must be paid in full. Please make all payments to Eastside Farm Cottages.


If, for whatever reason, cancellation should be necessary the visitor must contact us, the owners, as soon as possible. On receipt of notice of cancellation, we will make strenuous attempts to re-let the cottage for the period of the booking. If the cottage is re-let for the whole period, we will refund all payments less an administration charge of £40 per week booked. If we are unable to re-let the cottage at all, then all payments are forfeit to us. For this reason, we strongly recommend the cancellation insurance (as detailed in paragraph 4). Conversely, as owners, we reserve the right to cancel or alter arrangements made for the visitors whether before or during the relevant visit, if due to circumstances beyond our control, it is necessary to carry out essential repairs (e.g in the event if water pipes bursting). In the unlikely event of this happening, we will endeavour to find suitable alternative accommodation but if unsuccessful, payment will be re-imbursed immediately. However, please note that our liability is limited to the amount of rent paid.

Cancellation Insurance

This is not compulsory but we do strongly recommend such insurance to protect against financial loss should cancellation be necessary. For UK residents, a Holiday Insurance proposal form can be found at http://www.jlmorris.co.uk/insurance/holiday-cancellation.php should you decide to take this option. You may choose to take out Holiday Insurance through your own insurance brokers and indeed will have to use your own insurers if you are from outside the UK.

Period of Hire

Please note that renting of the cottages commences (unless otherwise arranged) at 4.00 pm on the day of arrival and terminates at 10.00 am on the day of departure. This allows us the necessary time to change over the cottages to a high standard.

Cottage Capacity 

Please note also that it is important the number of visitors occupying the property do not exceed the stated maximum for each cottage (i.e. 2 for the Stable, 4 for the Steading and 4+2 for the Byre) unless previously discussed with us. We reserve the right to charge £50 per week extra for each person exceeding the stated cottage capacity or indeed refuse entry for the entire party if the capacity is about to be exceeded.

Care of the Cottage

We expect visitors to take all reasonable care of the cottage and its furniture, pictures and effects and leave them in the same state of repair and in the same clean and tidy condition at the end of the rental period as at the beginning.

Breakages or Damage

Please note that visitors are legally bound to reimburse us for replacement, repair or extra cleaning costs should this be required.


We are happy for our visitors to explore the farm but as animal behaviour is unpredictable, we wish to make it clear that visitors entering into close proximity with them do so at their own risk. As farms go, a hill sheep farm is a pretty safe place but we still expect parents to supervise their children when outside the confines of the cottage gardens. We accept no liability for any accident, damage, loss, injury, expense or inconvenience, which may be in any way connected with the rental. Lastly, the surface of the road leading to Eastside Farm is not to public road standard and care must be taken by all drivers.


We ask that any complaint arising during the occupation of the property be speedily brought to our attention to allow us to rectify it where ever possible. Conversely, we ask visitors to respect the peace and privacy of others near by i.e not to generate a complaint!

Right of Entry 

We reserve the right to enter properties at all reasonable times and in the case of emergency to carry out any necessary repairs.


We expect dogs to behave as ours do - keep to their own beds and not to chase the sheep or disturb the neighbours!


We ask all visitors to note that smoking is expressly prohibited inside the cottages.

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