Inspired by the Finnish art of sauna, we decided to build a Scottish version. Our steam sauna yurt is integrated into the landscape - rugged hills in the background, surrounded by nature and heated by wood grown on the farm.

The yurt structure

The structure itself is a work of art - inspired by the traditions and techniques of the nomadic people of Kyrgyzstan. The beautifully steam-bent wood is all sourced and handcrafted locally in Scotland. It is predominantly made from larch, giving an evocative 'sauna aroma', while the crown is made from ash. The canvas is made in England and stitched in Perthshire, and the wool insulation comes from the wild Scottish hillsides. The yurt is nestled within the wild woodland garden beneath the summit of West Kip.

An enchanting steam-sauna experience

The yurt steam-sauna heats to temperature of around 50-60°c. This is a little cooler than some other types of sauna but it allows you to stay in for longer. Pouring spring water over the hot stones increases the impression of heat - generating the high humidity and health benefits of a steam room. The plunge pool’s chilly spring water is sourced straight from the hill-ground above Eastside. A quick dip makes you feel very alive and ready for another steam session!

The dim lighting, the wood-smoke smells, the steam, the spring-water pool all combine to create a magical atmosphere that is best enjoyed slowly.


The heat is generated by burning pine wood grown on the farm as part of our sustainable woodland management.

Private use & booking

We invite guests to book a session in the yurt steam sauna upon arrival at Eastside. One private session per week is included in the accommodation price for all cottages at Eastside (guests may book a second session at a cost of £40). The yurt is open on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and four sessions of 2 hours on each day are available to book. We'll ensure the stove is lit and up to temperature in time for your booking.

Keeping the fire stoked during your session and throwing spring water on the hot stones is up to you - we don't like to disturb you during your woodland sauna session!

N.B. As The Woodshed is on the other side of the valley (at Westside) it has the use of a private hot-tub instead of the steam-sauna. Guests of The Woodshed will not be able to book the steam-sauna.

What to bring

We recommend you bring a swimming costume and some slip on shoes for comfort along the path to the yurt.

We provide Finnish sauna robes, towels, drinking water, glasses, and plentiful firewood.

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